Amid Conservative Opposition, U.S. Border Patrol Union Backs Senate Immigration Deal

U.S. Border Patrol Union
Credits: Queen City News

In a surprising turn of events, the bipartisan border agreement, criticized by conservatives in Congress for not going far enough, received a crucial endorsement from the National Border Patrol Council, the labor union representing over 18,000 U.S. Border Patrol agents.

This endorsement is particularly noteworthy given the group’s previous endorsement of former President Donald Trump in 2020 and its consistent criticism of President Joe Biden’s border policies.

The National Border Patrol Council expressed its belief that the proposed Border Act of 2024 would reduce illegal border crossings across the nation.

U.S. Border Patrol Union
U.S. Border Patrol Union (Credits: The Hill)

According to the union, the legislation would enable Border Patrol agents to refocus on detecting and apprehending individuals attempting to cross the border illegally and evade capture.

Brandon Judd, the council president, acknowledged that while the Border Act of 2024 might not be perfect, it represents a positive step forward and is an improvement over the existing status quo. Judd emphasized the importance of endorsing the bill and expressed hope for its swift passage.

This unexpected support comes shortly after Judd participated in a House Republican roundtable titled “The Impact of the Biden Border Crisis,” where he criticized the Biden administration for destabilizing the Southwest Border.

The National Border Patrol Council’s endorsement adds a new dimension to the ongoing debate over the legislation.

The Border Act of 2024 has faced criticism from Republicans, particularly in the House, with House Speaker Mike Johnson and his leadership team dismissing it as a “waste of time” and predicting its failure if it passes the Senate.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, on the other hand, commended Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma, the top GOP negotiator of the bill, and encouraged careful consideration by his colleagues.

Despite this, some Republican senators have declared their unwillingness to support the legislation in its current form, casting doubt on its ability to secure enough votes for passage.

The Senate has scheduled a procedural vote on a $118 billion national security supplemental bill, which incorporates the border legislation, funding for conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, and assistance for the Indo-Pacific region. The initial procedural vote on the package is expected to take place on Wednesday.

In response to the National Border Patrol Council’s endorsement, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, an independent who played a role in negotiating the border deal, expressed her appreciation, considering it “great news.”

Sinema emphasized the frontline role of Border Patrol agents in addressing the border crisis and highlighted their valuable insights into fixing the broken immigration system.

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