The GOP Slogan: Trump Takes Precedence, Putin Follows, America Comes Third

Donald Trump
Credits: Brookings Institution

Every once in a while, there emerges a piece of legislation on Capitol Hill that serves as a defining statement of America and its values. The current contender for this role is the bipartisan compromise bill in the Senate, amounting to $118.3 billion.

This legislation not only aims to address the flaws in our immigration system but also extends crucial assistance to Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel. The outcome of this bill’s passage or failure has the potential to shape not just America but also the global landscape we are destined to inhabit.

In the annals of history, certain moments act as pivotal hinges, and the present situation qualifies as one of them. The actions, or lack thereof, taken by Washington this year to bolster allies and secure borders will significantly reflect our stance on security and stability in the post-post-Cold War era.

Donald Trump
Former U.S. president Donald Trump (Credits: Impakter)

The question lingers: will America stride into the future carrying the red, white, and blue flag, or will it be a white flag? Unfortunately, the prevailing pessimism emanating from Capitol Hill suggests the latter, increasingly influenced by Donald Trump.

Unless there is an unforeseen turn of events that rescues the compromise bill, a dire consequence looms, primarily due to a Republican Party that seems to have veered off course as it aligns itself unquestioningly with an individual whose philosophy is not “America First” but rather “Donald Trump First.”

The prioritization of “Trump First” dictates that a bill designed to fortify America and its alliances must be set aside, allowing the nation to remain mired in polarization, Vladimir Putin to achieve success in Ukraine, and our southern border to fester as an open wound—until and unless Trump assumes the presidency once again.

In this scenario, allies are disregarded, enemies find encouragement, and the future security of our children becomes collateral.

The current GOP narrative can be succinctly summarized: Trump First, Putin Second, America Third. This prioritization, veering away from the traditional “America First” ideology, reflects a concerning value shift.

Political theorist Francis Fukuyama, expressing his dismay, observed that the United States has ceased to be a serious country for quite some time.

The amalgamation of extreme polarization and institutional rules favoring minorities has rendered the nation incapable of meeting its international obligations. Fukuyama points out that the Republican Party, particularly the hard-core MAGA wing, has become adept at hostage-holding.

Despite representing a minority within a minority, this faction wields the power to veto decisions that clearly favor a majority of Americans, thanks to prevailing institutional rules.

In essence, the state of American politics, as exemplified by the compromised bipartisan bill, signals a departure from responsible governance and adherence to international commitments.

The party’s allegiance to a singular figure threatens to compromise the nation’s standing on the global stage, raising concerns about the trajectory of American values and priorities.

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