Prospects of Border Deal Cast in Doubt as Senate Vote Approaches Amid Republican Opposition

Credits: Daily Mail

The fate of the much-anticipated border security deal negotiated in the Senate was swiftly uncertain shortly after its release this week, with many Republicans expressing opposition to the legislation mere hours after its unveiling.

Senator Roger Wicker, a Republican from Mississippi, was blunt in his assessment, stating, “I think the proposal is dead,” during discussions with reporters after a meeting in Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office on Monday night.

Bipartisan border deal on brink of defeat (Credits: CNN)

While some lawmakers did not completely rule out the bill’s potential success, the outlook appeared less certain. After a late Monday conference meeting, Senate Republicans indicated a likelihood of opposing a procedural vote scheduled for Wednesday.

This move allowed members more time for a comprehensive review of the package, raising doubts about the bill’s trajectory as advocates strive to maintain momentum.

In a plea from the Senate floor on Tuesday morning, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer urged Senate Republicans to support a procedural motion on Wednesday, enabling lawmakers to debate the issue.

Schumer emphasized keeping the chamber “as long as it takes” to deliberate on the bill. He assured lawmakers that they could propose amendments and ultimately reject the bill if necessary. “Let’s vote. It’s urgent,” Schumer urged. “We’ve spent months talking and debating. It’s time to vote.”

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