Senate Democrats Advocate for Mandating Biden’s Consultation with Congress on Weapons Sales to Israel

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Senate Democrats are making efforts to prevent the Biden administration from bypassing Congress in approving weapons sales to Israel amid the ongoing conflict with Hamas.

Democratic Senator Tim Kaine is introducing an amendment to the $118 billion national security supplemental, aiming to eliminate the provision allowing the administration to expedite funding for future arms sales to Israel without prior notification to Congress.

The fate of the larger border legislation, including the Israel provision, is uncertain due to bipartisan opposition in the Senate. This move reflects growing criticism from Democrats, including Kaine, regarding President Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict and the increasing involvement of the United States in the region.

Democrats rip Biden over weapons sale to Israel (Credits: Politico)

Kaine emphasized the need for transparency in military assistance to all nations, stating that no president should bypass Congress on war, peace, and diplomacy matters. The chairmen of the Senate Foreign Relations, Armed Services, and Intelligence committees support the amendment.

This development follows instances in December where President Biden bypassed lawmakers to send over $250 million in weaponry to Israel using emergency determinations for arms sales. The State Department defended the sales by highlighting ongoing communication with Israel to minimize civilian casualties.

While the Biden administration justifies the emergency determinations, Kaine and other Democrats are urging a more deliberative process, especially considering the escalating situation in the Middle East and increased U.S. military involvement. Kaine’s amendment ensures full congressional oversight for U.S. aid to Israel, aligning with the standard for other nations receiving U.S. military assistance.

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