Trump Campaign Strategizes Takeover of the Republican National Committee

Credits: CNN

The Trump campaign is discreetly exploring strategies to overhaul the Republican National Committee (RNC) if, as anticipated, Donald Trump secures the GOP nomination. This includes deliberations on retaining or excluding the current chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel, from a restructured leadership framework.

Sources familiar with the planning, including a Trump adviser, revealed to NBC News that one proposal involves maintaining McDaniel as chairwoman but diminishing her influence, essentially making her a symbolic figurehead. Simultaneously, Trump-aligned staffers would assume substantial authority over party operations.

In this proposed model, two co-chairs selected by Trump would be appointed—one overseeing fundraising and the other managing party operations.

Trump Taking Over Republican National Committee (Credits: WAMU)

Potential candidates for the fundraising role include former RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, GOP donor Linda McMahon, and casino magnate Steve Wynn. On the operational side, top Trump adviser Chris LaCivita is reportedly a likely candidate.

Although McDaniel would technically retain her position as chairwoman under this plan, her major decisions would necessitate approval from the Trump-appointed figures, effectively merging the DNA of Trump’s campaign and the RNC. Insiders suggest involving LaCivita aims to maintain the existing arrangement and status quo.

The alternative option being considered involves McDaniel resigning, triggering a high-stakes special election requiring all 168 voting members to convene and select a new chairperson. A recent report suggested McDaniel’s potential resignation after the South Carolina primary on Feb. 24, but this remains unconfirmed.

Trump, unable to terminate the RNC chair directly, has expressed a desire for change at the helm, intensifying pressure on McDaniel. Whether McDaniel remains or steps down is pivotal and expected to shape subsequent movements within the party. Known for preferring solutions that spare individuals, Trump’s allies speculate about the potential outcomes.

RNC members have been critical of McDaniel, attributing financial challenges and perceived party shortcomings to her leadership.

Discontent came to the forefront during Turning Point USA’s event in Las Vegas, where vocal McDaniel critic Charlie Kirk led discussions about her performance. The RNC winter meetings also witnessed tensions, with some members urging financial transparency by releasing McDaniel’s credit card statements.

The possibility of a leadership shakeup within the RNC has garnered attention, with Trump indicating that changes are imminent. Speculation intensified after Trump met with McDaniel at Mar-a-Lago on Monday, raising questions about her future as party chairwoman.

Trump’s comments on social media suggested that decisions about the RNC’s future would be made post the South Carolina primary. The uncertainties surrounding McDaniel’s position underscore the dynamics within the GOP, with potential ramifications for the party’s leadership structure and the 2024 presidential race against Joe Biden.

The intricacies of Trump’s plans and the party’s response to the evolving situation will likely shape the future landscape of the Republican National Committee.

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