Trump Opts to Avoid Supreme Court Arguments After Previous Court Appearances Turned Into Campaign Events

Credits: Reuters

Donald Trump is anticipated to be absent from the US Supreme Court when it deliberates on his ballot eligibility, according to sources familiar with the situation.

Trump’s lawyers will represent him in arguments against the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to exclude him from the state’s ballot under the 14th Amendment.

The absence of Trump at these significant proceedings, where the Supreme Court will decide his nationwide ballot eligibility, underscores his legal team is careful approach, especially with Trump having appointed one-third of the justices, establishing a conservative supermajority.

Trump (Credits: CNN)

The Supreme Court session also coincides with an impending consideration of a more complex legal issue for Trump – whether he is immune from criminal prosecution for post-2020 election actions. There’s a possibility that Trump might prioritize attending those arguments, according to sources familiar with his legal strategy.

Although legal experts believe Trump might succeed in overcoming the ballot challenges, his presence in the courtroom could be viewed as disruptive to the Supreme Court’s usually composed and impartial decorum.

Trump has frequently used court appearances as platforms to decry alleged “election interference,” criticize judges he perceives as anti-Trump, and denounce the system as subject to rigged “political persecution.”

According to insiders, his previous courtroom outbursts during the E. Jean Carroll defamation trial and the New York civil fraud trial may have impacted his standing with the jury and judges.

Concerns have been voiced within Trump’s inner circle that the justices he appointed might be inclined to act more rigorously to avoid any appearance of bias.

Consequently, the decision not to attend the Supreme Court arguments appears to be a strategic one. Trump’s courtroom theatrics have generated a circus-like atmosphere at previous proceedings, potentially harming his legal standing.

While the possibility of Trump changing his mind and appearing in Washington, DC, on Thursday cannot be ruled out – as he has done in past court cases – it seems unlikely due to the legal and political ramifications of this particular case.

The Supreme Court’s robust security measures may also pose logistical challenges for a last-minute change of plans. Trump’s current priority reportedly focuses on securing the nomination and participating in a caucus site and campaign event in Nevada, where he is expected to win.

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