RNC Chief of Staff to Step Down Following Trump’s Hint of Impending Changes

RNC Chief of Staff Says He’s Stepping Down After Trump Warns “Changes” Will Be Made

Just 48 hours after Donald Trump hinted at potential changes within the Republican National Committee (RNC), Chief of Staff Mike Reed announced his departure by the end of the month, as reported by Politico.

Reed’s departure, he clarified in his message to staff, was prompted by personal reasons, particularly a desire to prioritize his family’s needs amidst swirling rumors in the press and the impending merge with the presumptive nominee. Despite the timing, Reed assured the organization of its strong position.

Trump’s comments about potential changes within the RNC came in an interview, where he praised RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel’s past performance but hinted at upcoming adjustments. Following a meeting with McDaniel, Trump announced on Truth Social that she would now head the RNC, and he would soon decide on recommendations for its growth.

RNC Chief of Staff to Step Down Following Trump's Hint of Impending Changes
RNC Chief of Staff to Step Down Following Trump’s Hint of Impending Changes (Credits: POLITICO)

While Trump lacks the formal authority to remove McDaniel, his influence over the Republican Party remains significant. Rather than directly pushing for her removal, sources suggest a more traditional approach of appointing a core ally as deputy chairman alongside McDaniel.

Chris LaCivita, a senior adviser to the former president, has been mentioned as a potential internal ally within the RNC.

Trump’s recent dissatisfaction with the committee includes its decision to host primary debates, as he reportedly favors a more streamlined process that aligns with his preferences.

Concerns have also been raised about the RNC’s fundraising capabilities, with Politico reporting a year-end balance of $8 million, considerably less than the Democratic National Committee’s funds.

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