Spain’s Prime Minister Upholds Eurovision Entry

Credits: The Independent

Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, has staunchly defended the country’s Eurovision song, “Zorra,” amid allegations of it being labeled “anti-women.” The electro-pop anthem has faced criticism due to its title, which, in Spanish slang, is often interpreted as “bitch” or “slut.”

The Feminist Movement of Madrid issued a statement asserting that the song “insults women in a sexist way.” However, Prime Minister Sánchez dismissed these accusations, asserting that the song challenges sexist stereotypes and emphasizes the importance of feminism being both fair and enjoyable.

In an interview on La Sexta television’s Al Rojo Vivo program, Sánchez remarked, “It seems to me that feminism is not only fair, it can be fun, and this provocation must come from culture.”

Spain’s Prime Minister (Credits:

“Zorra” is performed by the duo Nebulossa, consisting of María “Mery” Bas and Mark Dasous, who hails from the village of Ondara in Alicante. The pair, married for 20 years, formed their band in 2018 after raising two children.

Nebulossa made headlines in the past year when they parted ways with Spain’s primary feminist movement, the 8M Commission, due to differences in support for trans rights legislation. Subsequently, they organized a separate march for International Women’s Day.

The selection of Nebulossa to represent Spain in Eurovision was determined through a televised competition last weekend. They secured the victory by a narrow margin, beating the second-place contestant, Jorge González, by just two votes in a public vote.

Despite the controversy surrounding the song’s title, the Prime Minister’s unwavering support suggests a broader societal debate over the intersection of culture, feminism, and artistic expression.

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