Labour Candidate Andrew Pakes Calls for Meeting with Peterborough M and S

Credits: Peterborough Telegraph

A proposal for a collaborative round-table discussion has been put forward by Andrew Pakes, the Labour & Co-operative candidate for Peterborough, with the aim of retaining a Marks & Spencer store in the city center. The retail giant intends to close its store in the Queensgate Shopping Centre due to evolving consumer shopping patterns.

Expressing concern over the potentially detrimental impact of this decision, Mr. Pakes is advocating for a joint effort involving all stakeholders to explore viable solutions.

In the face of these challenging circumstances, the Conservative MP representing Peterborough has also expressed efforts to persuade Marks & Spencer to reconsider the closure and maintain a presence in the city.

Andrew Pakes (Credits: CambsNews)

The closure plan, as outlined by Mr. Pakes, is deemed as “desperately damaging,” emphasizing the need for a collaborative approach to address the situation.

The primary objective of the proposed round-table meeting is to foster dialogue and cooperation among Queensgate’s owners, Marks & Spencer, and the local council. Mr. Pakes envisions this forum as an opportunity to collectively devise solutions that would, at the very least, ensure the continuation of a food hall in the city center.

Highlighting the significance of the food hall to the city center’s overall appeal, Mr. Pakes emphasizes the potential loss should it be discontinued.

He underscores the urgency of addressing this matter and stresses the need for a collaborative effort to navigate the challenges posed by Marks & Spencer’s decision to close its Queensgate store, which he views as contributing to the broader issue of vacancies in the city center.

The call for a round-table meeting reflects a proactive stance in response to the evolving landscape of retail and the impact on city centers.

Mr. Pakes’ plea for collaboration and dialogue underlines the importance of seeking collective solutions that take into account the interests of various stakeholders, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive approach to address the repercussions of changing consumer behavior on the retail landscape.

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