Marjorie Taylor Greene Criticized After Baselessly Claiming Biden’s Inauguration Was an Insurrection

Credits: NBC News

Marjorie Taylor Greene faced a wave of ridicule on social media as she asserted that Joe Biden’s inauguration constituted an insurrection. The controversial Republican from Georgia made the claim while addressing reporters, drawing a parallel between the January 6 rioters who stormed the Capitol and those who protested during Biden’s inauguration.

In her remarks, Rep. Greene contended that the protests in Washington during Biden’s inauguration, which led to the deployment of 30,000 National Guard troops to secure the Capitol complex, were not labeled as an insurrection by the media. She accused the media of staying silent on the matter.

This assertion by Rep. Greene, who has been known for downplaying the severity of the January 6 attack, received widespread criticism on social media. The congresswoman has previously praised the rioters, even visiting some in jail and referring to them as “political prisoners.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene (Credits: The Independent)

Despite her attempts to minimize the Capitol riot, social media users were quick to school Rep. Greene on the definition of an insurrection.

The online response was characterized by a blend of humor and factual corrections, with users highlighting the stark contrast between a constitutionally mandated inauguration and the violent attempt to overturn the 2020 election results on January 6.

The mockery on social media underscores the ongoing scrutiny faced by Rep. Greene for her controversial statements and positions.

Her efforts to reshape the narrative around the events of January 6 have consistently faced pushback, with critics pointing to the clear distinction between a constitutionally sanctioned inauguration and an insurrection aimed at subverting democratic processes.

In the age of instant communication and widespread access to information, the response on social media serves as a reflection of public sentiment and a counter-narrative to Rep. Greene’s attempts to redefine the events of January 6.

The episode highlights the dynamic interplay between political figures, traditional media, and the public on digital platforms, where perspectives are dissected, challenged, and often subject to humorous scrutiny.

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