Prosecutors in Menendez bribery case cite recordings by ‘confidential source’

Prosecutors in Menendez bribery case cite recordings by ‘confidential source’

Federal prosecutors have presented new evidence in response to efforts by Senator Bob Menendez’s legal team to dismiss the indictment against him, which alleges he accepted bribes from a foreign government and conspired as a foreign agent.

In a substantial 196-page filing, prosecutors mentioned previously undisclosed recordings obtained from a confidential informant, shedding light on discussions relevant to the case. The recordings, made by at least one confidential source, offer insights into the alleged bribery scheme and other supporting evidence intended for introduction during the trial.

Prosecutors in Menendez bribery case cite recordings by 'confidential source'
Prosecutors in Menendez bribery case cite recordings by ‘confidential source’ (Credits: The Hill)

Representatives for Senator Menendez did not immediately provide comments regarding this recent development.

In their filing, prosecutors highlighted a recording by a confidential source discussing the bribery scheme, suggesting a lack of integrity among those involved. The recording also implied that Menendez and his wife might have been deceived by co-defendant Wael Hana, a New Jersey businessman, who purportedly did not deliver the full extent of the bribes they were promised.

An attorney representing Wael Hana did not respond to requests for comment.

The accusations against Menendez and his wife involve allegations of accepting bribes from Hana in exchange for using Menendez’s influence as the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to secure an exclusive halal meat inspection contract with the Egyptian government.

Menendez’s legal team has attempted to have the indictment dismissed, arguing that his actions were protected under the Constitution.

Contrary to this defense, prosecutors argue that the evidence presented demonstrates Menendez’s involvement in a conspiracy with Hana, revolving around bribery and an alleged scheme benefiting the Egyptian government.

The filing also disclosed certain items of discovery, including information obtained from a confidential source, such as recordings, debriefing reports, and translations of recordings.

Menendez and his wife, Nadine, face allegations of accepting substantial sums of money to benefit Hana and two other businessmen from New Jersey, as well as to gain advantages from the Egyptian government in return for Menendez’s influence.

Despite the accusations, Menendez and the other defendants maintain their innocence, pleading not guilty. Following his indictment, Menendez temporarily relinquished his role as chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, although he continues to serve as a member.

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