Borger from CNN: Biden’s Memory of His Son’s Passing is Unforgettable, Demonstrated by a Personal Gesture

CNN’s Borger: Biden Isn’t Going to Forget when His Son Died, He Showed Me His Rosary

During Thursday’s airing of “CNN NewsNight,” Gloria Borger, CNN’s Senior Political Analyst, made a poignant observation about President Joe Biden’s enduring memory of his son’s passing.

Borger recounted an interview with Biden during which he retrieved his late son Beau’s rosary from his pocket, displaying it to her. This act, she emphasized, underscored Biden’s profound remembrance of the day his son passed away.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden (Credits: CNN)

Borger reflected on Biden’s recent public address, noting his evident frustration at being questioned about personal matters during a discussion on unrelated documents.

She highlighted Biden’s known temperament and suggested that his reaction during the address mirrored sentiments his aides may have witnessed privately. Borger posited that Biden likely felt compelled to address the issue publicly, particularly when accused of forgetting the day his son died.

In contrast, Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report indicated that Biden struggled to recall the precise timing of Beau’s passing, even within a span of several years.

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