Opinion: GOP Consultant Asserts Party Was Gaining Ground on Immigration Until Mistakes Were Made

Credits: GV Wire

Over the past three years, Joe Biden’s approach to immigration has led to the systematic dismantling of policies, resulting in what is considered one of the most significant border crises in American history.

The appointment of Kamala Harris as the “border czar” to address root causes was perceived more as a public relations stunt than a genuine effort to resolve the crisis.

The Biden administration’s immigration policy has been widely criticized, with a record number of migrants flooding the border. Multiple surveys consistently show that voters tend to trust Republicans over Democrats on immigration-related matters, placing significant blame on the Biden administration for the ongoing troubles.

GOP Consultant (Credits: Missouri Independent)

A strategic move by governors in states affected by border crossings involved transporting migrants to sanctuary cities in Blue States, successfully prompting mayors in those cities to push for more substantial action from the Biden administration.

While Republicans initially gained traction on the immigration issue, they faltered when it came to proposing effective solutions. The Senate border deal faced opposition for various reasons, notably the inclusion of funding for Ukraine and Israel, a matter deemed unrelated to immigration.

A survey indicated that 67% of Americans prefer a clean bill, with 51% of Democrats supporting the separation of foreign aid from immigration issues.

Republicans missed an opportunity to assert their stance on the deal, allowing Democrats to take control of the narrative by framing it as a move opposed by Donald Trump and MAGA supporters.

The argument that legislation is unnecessary and that President Biden could single-handedly address the border crisis was criticized as unrealistic. It is essential to recognize that the power to make laws rests with Congress, not the presidency, emphasizing the need for legislative action to address immigration challenges.

The key challenge for Republicans lies in the lack of sufficient votes to pass comprehensive border security bills that effectively curb illegal entries. The absence of enough support even to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas underscores the need for increased Republican representation in Congress.

To achieve this, Republicans must focus on nominating candidates with the potential to win elections. While some may recall past instances where “electable Republicans” were perceived as compromising conservative principles, it is crucial to reevaluate the notion of electability.

Ideological purism, often associated with opposing electable Republicans, has led to the rejection of candidates who could have broad appeal and increased chances of electoral success.

The current political reality necessitates a pragmatic approach, acknowledging that an ideological victory does not always translate into practical success.

Democrats are gaining ground in swing states, shaping legislation and policy direction. To counter these trends, Republican voters hold the power to nominate candidates who align with conservative principles while possessing the electability required to secure victories.

By prioritizing electability, Republicans can strengthen their representation in Congress and effectively address critical issues such as immigration.

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