Fact Check: Trump’s False Claim of Greater Cooperation with Federal Authorities than Biden

Credits: VOA

In a speech to the National Rifle Association in Pennsylvania, former President Donald Trump, currently the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, made assertions about his cooperation with federal authorities regarding classified documents, comparing it unfavorably to President Joe Biden’s actions.

Trump stated that he cooperated “far more than Biden did” and accused Biden of resisting federal authorities throughout. However, these claims by Trump are inaccurate.

Contrary to Trump’s assertions, there is no reasonable basis to argue that he cooperated more than Biden; in fact, Biden’s cooperation was extensive, as highlighted by the special counsel who conducted the investigation into his conduct.

Donald Trump (Credits: CNN)

Trump, on the other hand, is facing serious charges related to obstruction of justice concerning attempts to impede the probe into his actions.

The special counsel overseeing the Biden investigation, Robert Hur, emphasized the stark differences in the two cases. In a report announcing the decision not to press charges against Biden, Hur pointed out “serious aggravating facts” in Trump’s case that were absent in Biden’s.

Trump’s alleged obstruction and Biden’s comprehensive cooperation were highlighted as crucial distinctions. Hur’s report highlighted that despite multiple opportunities to return classified documents and avoid prosecution, Trump allegedly refused to do so.

Not only did he fail to return the documents for an extended period, but he also obstructed justice by involving others in the destruction of evidence and subsequent attempts to deceive investigators.

On the contrary, Biden promptly turned in classified documents to the National Archives and the Department of Justice, consented to searches of various locations, including his residences, and participated in a voluntary interview.

Additionally, Biden provided written answers to a majority of supplementary questions, demonstrating his cooperation throughout the investigation.

Hur emphasized that Biden’s commitment to cooperation extended to an interview with his office lasting over five hours. This level of engagement, combined with Biden’s submission of written responses, showcased a thorough collaboration with the investigative process.

In light of these distinctions, Trump’s assertions of superior cooperation compared to Biden are unfounded. The comprehensive nature of Biden’s cooperation, as outlined by the special counsel, debunks Trump’s claims, revealing a stark contrast in the two cases.

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