Senate Democrats Downplay Hur’s Report, Dismissing It as ‘Cheap Trash,’ Amid New Concerns about Biden’s Age

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Senate Democrats are brushing off the report released on Thursday by special counsel Robert Hur, who chose not to charge President Joe Biden for mishandling classified documents but described him as an “elderly man with a poor memory” and “diminished faculties in advancing age.”

Following the lead of the White House, Democratic senators are portraying the report’s harsh characterization of the 81-year-old president’s memory and mental acuity as a politically motivated attack orchestrated by a Trump-appointed former U.S. attorney, despite Hur being appointed by the White House’s own attorney general, Merrick Garland.

Senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii downplayed the report’s revelations, stating that “A Republican saying that Joe Biden is old is not exactly newsworthy.” When asked about the lapses in memory mentioned in the report, Schatz responded with a question, asking if anyone had heard of a special counsel editorializing like this.

Senate Democrats (Credits: PBS)

Democratic senators attempted to shift the focus away from the report by drawing comparisons between Biden and former President Donald Trump, the likely 2024 Republican nominee. They emphasized Trump’s legal troubles and verbal slip-ups on the campaign trail.

Democratic senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania dismissed the report as “cheap trash,” stating that it wouldn’t change anything in the choice between Biden and Trump come November.

The special counsel report found that Biden retained classified documents and disclosed classified information but did not recommend charging him for mishandling classified documents. Hur suggested that charging Biden might present him as a sympathetic elderly man with a poor memory to a jury.

For Republicans, the report represents a “double whammy,” according to Republican senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska, highlighting a perceived disparity in justice and underscoring concerns about Biden’s age.

Democratic senators criticized Hur’s characterizations of Biden’s memory as beyond the purview of his role as special counsel. Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut stated that making gratuitous comments about someone’s age or memory is out of bounds, emphasizing the need to bring charges or state insufficient evidence.

In a press conference, Biden addressed the report’s “poor memory” remarks, asserting his competence and experience as an elderly man. The president’s response included a mix-up in naming Egypt’s president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, as the “president of Mexico, Sisi.”

Thursday’s press conference compounded concerns, following a week of gaffes where Biden confused European leaders with their predecessors. Democrats have been urging the White House to increase Biden’s public appearances to address voters’ concerns about his age.

Despite these concerns, most Democrats have avoided discussing Biden’s age openly, considering it old news. However, with the release of the report, the White House may face pressure to address voters’ concerns more directly.

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