Former Trump White House Lawyer Accuses Special Counsel Hur of Acting as ‘Prosecutor, Judge, and Jury’

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The recent report by Department of Justice special counsel Robert Hur, summarizing the investigation into President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents, is facing intense scrutiny from both political parties, prompting discussions about the potential politicization of the probe.

Hur’s extensive report, nearly 400 pages in length, concluded that President Biden was not criminally responsible for any wrongdoing and did not recommend pursuing charges.

Despite this, Hur, who previously served as a US Attorney in Donald Trump’s Department of Justice, included broad statements about Biden’s mental capabilities, leading to criticism from Republicans who are leveraging these remarks against the president.

Former White House Lawyer For Trump (Credits: Forbes)

In an interview with USA TODAY, legal experts from various political backgrounds expressed their concerns about the report. Mark Lytle, a Republican and former counsel in Trump’s White House, strongly criticized Hur’s characterization of Biden’s memory, deeming it “outrageous.”

Lytle argued that Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors should either present charges or remain silent, emphasizing the lack of a jury or judge to assess the validity of the allegations. According to Lytle, Hur’s approach allows Biden’s opponents, particularly those aligned with Trump, to exploit the situation.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder, who led the DOJ under President Barack Obama, echoed Lytle’s sentiments. Holder, a Democrat, stated that if the report had undergone a typical DOJ review during his tenure, he would have recommended edits to remove what he deemed as “gratuitous remarks” that deviate from established DOJ traditions.

The reaction from Democrats close to Biden indicates frustration with both Hur and Attorney General Merrick Garland for their handling of the investigation. Reports suggest that President Biden is displeased with their approach.

According to Politico, some Democrats argue that Garland’s attempt to avoid appearing partisan led to an overcorrection in selecting a Trump-appointed prosecutor to oversee the investigation into Biden.

The multifaceted critique of the report highlights the intersection of legal, political, and partisan considerations. The questioning of the report’s impartiality and its potential impact on the political landscape reflects ongoing tensions surrounding investigations into high-profile figures and their consequences in an increasingly polarized political environment.

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