Judge Cannon’s Behavior ‘Is the Kind of Thing that Can Provoke Strong Disapproval from an Appellate Panel’

Credits: Law & Crime

Former FBI General Counsel Andrew Weissmann, alongside former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance and conservative lawyer George Conway, expressed concern over Judge Cannon’s handling of Donald Trump’s trial in Florida.

Speaking on MSNBC, Weissmann claimed that Judge Cannon is “playing with fire” by not adhering to the law, highlighting her past clashes with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals related to Trump.

Weissmann mentioned that special counsel Jack Smith may seek a writ of mandate, a form of appeal, to challenge Judge Cannon’s actions.

Judge Cannon (Credits: The New York Times)

He emphasized the potential consequences of her decisions, especially if they harm witnesses unduly. Weissmann suggested that such actions could anger an appellate panel, drawing parallels with the 11th Circuit’s previous reversals of Judge Cannon.

He noted the concerns raised during those reversals, including disregard for classified information, interference with the intelligence community’s role, and explicit statements about treating Donald Trump differently from other defendants.

Weissmann warned that Judge Cannon might be “playing with fire” in her rulings and speculated that Smith could take action to challenge her decisions.

The panel discussed the significance of the situation, with Weissmann emphasizing the potential consequences if Smith decides to challenge Judge Cannon’s decisions.

The overarching concern is whether the judge’s actions align with the law and how they might impact the fairness and integrity of Trump’s trial in Florida.

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