Democrats Quietly Advise Team Biden to Increase Public Visibility Following Special Counsel Report

Credits: Axios

Democrats are discreetly urging President Joe Biden’s aides to increase his public engagements following a contentious press conference in response to a special counsel report, Politico reports.

The report by special counsel Robert Hur assessed whether Biden mishandled classified documents as a private citizen and made references to Biden’s advanced age and mental lapses.

In the subsequent press conference, Biden mixed up the presidents of Mexico and Egypt, drawing further attention to his mental state. Democratic insiders reportedly warned against Biden’s team retreating amid renewed scrutiny of his cognitive state.

Joe Biden (Credits: CNBC)

Hur’s report characterized Biden as a “well-meaning, elderly man with poor memory,” noting his difficulty recalling the years he served as vice president or his son’s passing. Biden, angered by these details, received support from the White.

House and elected Democrats criticized the report’s language as gratuitous and politically motivated. Concerns about Biden’s mental fitness have been persistent, with polls indicating skepticism about his mental and physical readiness for the presidency.

Philippe Reines, a former adviser to Hillary Clinton, suggested flooding the public sphere with Biden’s presence to counter concerns and prevent minor issues from gaining disproportionate attention. Democrats argue that increasing Biden’s public visibility is the best way to address concerns about his mental competence.

Despite potential political risks, they believe putting him in unscripted situations to interact with voters and the press is essential. Faiz Shakir, Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign manager, emphasized the rarity of unscripted moments like the recent press conference.

Interestingly, Biden declined an opportunity for a televised interview with CBS News ahead of the Super Bowl, one of the most-watched American TV programs annually. Some Democrats suggest that Biden needs to be more accessible, participate in press conferences, and engage with people directly.

As of now, the White House has not responded to requests for comments on these developments. The reported efforts to increase Biden’s public engagements reflect an ongoing strategy to address concerns about his cognitive state through increased visibility and interaction with the public and the media.

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