NMI’s Edwin Propst Announces Candidacy for U.S. Congress

Credits: The Guam Daily Post

Edwin Propst, the floor leader of the Commonwealth of Northern Marianas (CNMI) House of Representatives, has declared his candidacy for the position of the territory’s delegate in the US Congress, aligning himself with the NMI Democratic Party.

This announcement comes in the wake of the decision by Gregorio Kilili Sablan, the CNMI’s inaugural and sole delegate to the US Congress, to retire and not pursue reelection for another term.

Addressing the public after unveiling his candidacy, Propst acknowledged the challenging circumstances prevailing in the region. Despite the difficulties, he conveyed a commitment to concerted efforts aimed at improving the situation.

Rep. Propst (Credits: Saipan Tribune)

“These are hard times right now, but I can assure you we’re going to do everything we can to make things better,” he asserted, emphasizing his dedication to serving the community.

In reference to succeeding the incumbent Delegate Sablan, Propst expressed humility and acknowledged the significant contributions made by Sablan.

Propst highlighted Sablan’s admirable quality of always extending assistance and uplifting those around him. The essence of Propst’s service, he conveyed, would mirror Sablan’s ethos of helping people.

While recognizing the irreplaceable nature of Sablan’s legacy, Propst admitted that any successor, whether himself or another candidate, would find it challenging to be compared to someone who proudly served for 16 years.

Propst’s acknowledgment of the unique qualities and extensive service of Sablan reflects a genuine understanding of the responsibilities and expectations associated with the role.

Having already served five terms in the CNMI House of Representatives, representing Precinct 1 and consistently securing the highest number of votes, Propst brings a wealth of legislative experience to his congressional candidacy.

His assurance to the public that he will be a dedicated advocate for the CNMI in Washington underscores his commitment to representing the interests and welfare of the community on a larger political stage.

In conclusion, Edwin Propst’s decision to run for the position of CNMI’s delegate to the US Congress marks a significant political development in the region.

Propst’s announcement, shaped by a recognition of the challenges ahead and a commitment to community service, positions him as a candidate aiming to carry forward the legacy of Gregorio Kilili Sablan.

Propst’s acknowledgment of the formidable task of succeeding someone with 16 years of service reveals a humble and realistic approach to the responsibilities associated with the role, emphasizing continuity and community well-being in his bid for congressional representation.

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