Biden Embraces “Dark Brandon” Meme Following Chiefs’ Super Bowl Victory

Credits: Reuters

President Biden playfully embraced the “Dark Brandon” meme, a right-wing conspiracy theory, in a post on X following the Chiefs’ victory in a recent game.

The meme features an image of the president with red lasers emanating from his eyes, and it gained traction in conspiracy circles related to the NFL and Taylor Swift’s potential endorsement.

Speculation arose when reports surfaced that Biden sought Taylor Swift’s endorsement for his re-election, with theories suggesting a connection between the Super Bowl outcome, Swift’s support, and the Democratic Party.

Joe Biden (Credits: NY1)

Swift, who initially avoided political endorsements, publicly supported Democratic candidates in 2018 and 2020, including Biden in the last presidential election.

Some conservative circles entertained the idea that the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win was rigged to create an opportunity for Swift to endorse Biden.

Former President Donald Trump contributed to the discourse, asserting on social media that Swift would not endorse Biden, claiming the president had not done anything for her.

The Biden campaign responded by incorporating the “Dark Brandon” meme into its messaging, seemingly mocking right-wing conspiracy theories.

This approach extends to social media, with the campaign sharing a TikTok video featuring the Dark Brandon persona, aiming to engage younger audiences leading up to the November election.

Despite these lighthearted engagements, President Biden has faced criticism from progressive young voters, particularly regarding his handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict in recent weeks.

Additionally, a new report raising questions about the president’s memory has brought concerns about his age to the forefront as he seeks support for another term in the White House.

The Biden administration faces challenges in navigating both policy critiques and questions about the president’s cognitive abilities.

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