Trump Lists Reasons Why Taylor Swift Should Endorse Him, Despite Unlikelihood

Trump Lists Out the Reasons Taylor Swift Should Endorse Him, as If That Might Actually Happen

Could Taylor Swift endorse Joe Biden? It’s a possibility, considering she did so in 2020. Some members of the MAGA community speculate that it’s already a decided matter.

However, endorsing Donald Trump is definitely out of the question, given Swift’s clear stance against him. She previously stated her determination to do everything possible to oppose his presidency.

Despite Swift’s stance, Trump recently took to social media to advocate for her endorsement. In a post on Truth Social, he highlighted his role in signing the Music Modernization Act, suggesting this as a reason for Swift to support him over Biden.

However, legal expert Dina LaPolt clarified that Trump’s involvement was limited to signing the act and he may not fully understand its implications.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump (Credits: Rolling Stone)

Another reason Trump gave for Swift not endorsing Biden is that Biden hasn’t done anything for her, in Trump’s transactional view. He overlooks Swift’s alignment with Biden on various policy issues, including reproductive rights, where Biden has shown support while Trump has opposed.

Trump also claimed that endorsing Biden would be disloyal to him, as he allegedly made Swift a significant amount of money. However, this assertion disregards the reality that Swift owes nothing to Trump and that her decisions aren’t solely based on financial gain.

Interestingly, Trump mentioned his favorable view of Travis Kelce, despite the NFL star possibly leaning liberal and not being a fan of Trump. This gesture was framed as a reason for Swift not to endorse Biden, implying that Trump’s tolerance of Kelce should merit loyalty from Swift, despite their political differences.

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