Politico Maps Out 3 Steps to Substitute Biden on Democratic Ticket

Politico Outlines 3 Steps to Replace Biden on Democrat Ticket

An article from Politico highlighted a three-step political process that Democrats could potentially undertake to replace President Joe Biden on their 2024 ticket, as outlined by top editors at the publication on Monday.

The article discussed the slim possibility for Democrats to replace Biden following Special Counsel Hur’s decision not to prosecute him for handling classified documents due to his age and memory issues.

Potential alternatives mentioned include Vice President Kamala Harris, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Obama, who reportedly faces mental health challenges.

Molly Hemingway, editor-in-chief of the Federalist, shared Politico’s article on X, emphasizing that the challenges Democrats face in replacing Biden are primarily political rather than procedural.

Biden (Credits: POLITICO)

According to Politico’s Charlie Mahtesian and Steven Shepard, the suggested three-step process does not involve introducing a new candidate late into the race due to filing deadlines, which will soon pass in most states.

Outlined by Mahtesian and Shepard, the steps to replace Biden would involve:

1. Biden Voluntarily Steps Aside Before the Democratic National Convention:

  • Biden would announce he won’t accept the nomination and release his delegates to support a different nominee.
  • He might maintain that he’s fit for another term but acknowledges concerns about his age.
  • Biden could highlight his role as a bridge to future Democratic leaders and his accomplishments.

2. Delegates Nominate a New Candidate at the Convention:

  • Biden would still wield influence heading into the convention due to delegate support from previous primaries.
  • Delegates aren’t legally bound to support him, but many may follow his lead in endorsing a replacement candidate.

3. Addressing Loose Ends:

  • Various party factions would seek to benefit from the situation.
  • The potential candidate pool might include previous contenders and those eyeing future nominations.
  • A late change in the ticket would present logistical challenges for states, particularly regarding ballots already in circulation.

Replacing Biden presents challenges, with no obvious alternative candidate. Harris’s approval ratings are lower, Clinton previously lost to Trump, and Michelle Obama seems uninterested in the role.

Despite speculation about alternatives, Biden remains determined to run for a second term, believing he’s the Democrat best positioned to defeat Trump.

The article concludes with information about the author, Wendell Husebo, a political reporter with Breitbart News and former GOP War Room Analyst, along with details about his book and social media profiles.

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