The Families of Israeli Hostages Travel to Chicago, While Demonstrators Supporting Palestinians Condemn the Rafa Raid

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A fresh video unveiled by the Israeli military depicts soldiers encountering two captives they liberated during a perilous incursion in the southern Gaza city of Rafa. These individuals had been detained since the Oct. 7 assaults by Hamas.

The news of the rescue surfaced just before a prominent Middle Eastern dignitary’s visit to the White House. President Joe Biden cordially received King Abdullah II of Jordan, with whom he is engaged in negotiations aimed at securing the release of the remaining hostages held by Hamas.

Additionally, on Tuesday, advocates for the Palestinian cause congregated on Monday afternoon at Federal Plaza downtown, urging for a cessation of hostilities. Concurrently, families of Israeli captives visited Chicago.

Hostages’ Families Travelling To Chicago (Credits: PAX News)

Yaniv Yaakov and Bar Rudaeff expressed elation upon learning of the hostages’ rescue in the Rafa raid. “It was truly the most uplifting news,” remarked one of them.

Rudaeff added, “The two individuals released were seized from the same kibbutz where my father resides and was taken from.” Sadly, Rudaeff’s father and Yaakov’s brother remain captives.

Yaakov emphasized, “The entirety of this conflict – the entire ordeal – revolves around the hostages, so we implore for their safe return.”

Both men found themselves in Chicago on Monday, urging the U.S. to intervene in bringing their loved ones back home. They also shared the anguish that commenced 129 days earlier when Hamas seized over 100 hostages and caused the deaths of approximately 1,200 individuals, according to Israeli authorities.

Meanwhile, in the Loop, hundreds of pro-Palestinian demonstrators rallied in response to the bloodshed endured during the military operation in Rafa, which resulted in the liberation of the two hostages.

Hospital authorities reported that scores of Palestinians perished in Rafa, where more than a million refugees were relocated for safety.

This development coincides with President Biden’s heightened vocal stance on the need for Israel to better safeguard civilians caught in the crossfire.

“Israel’s incursion into the part of Gaza – the southern part of Gaza – which was designated as a safe zone, is deeply concerning,” stated Husam Marajda of the U.S. Palestinian Community Network during the protest.

“We demand more from the White House. We demand more from the Biden administration. The genocide must cease. The invasion of Rafa must be halted.”

Families of Israeli hostages whom we interviewed on Monday evening expressed pragmatism, acknowledging that they do not anticipate their loved ones being rescued through military means. Therefore, they advocate for a diplomatic resolution that ensures the safe return of their family members.

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