Trump’s Latest Supreme Court Maneuver Unabashedly Revealed as a Delaying Tactic

Credits: NBC News

Donald Trump’s petition to the Supreme Court regarding his claim for broad presidential immunity opens with a quote from Yogi Berra, stating, “This application is déjà vu all over again.”

Trump’s legal team emphasizes the attempt by special counsel Jack Smith to expedite the justices’ decision in December, which ultimately failed.

The filing reflects Trump’s persistent legal strategy to delay any potential legal consequences until after the 2024 election, adopting the philosophy of “It ain’t over till it’s over,” as attributed to Yogi Berra.

Trump’s appeal to the Supreme Court aims to temporarily halt a recent US Court of Appeals decision that rejected his argument of presidential immunity from prosecution.

Trump in Supreme Court (Credits: The New Yorker)

In a bold move characteristic of Trump, the filing contends that denying him the chance to participate in the 2024 election due to an ongoing trial would be unjust to millions of voters.

This argument contrasts sharply with Trump’s previous efforts to undermine the 2020 election results, revealing a selective concern for voters’ rights.

The filing also criticizes the lower court’s decision that presidential immunity for official acts does not exist, portraying it as a “stunning breach of precedent and historical norms.”

Trump’s claim that his actions aimed at exposing alleged electoral fraud were legitimate exercises of presidential power is countered by the absence of constitutional provisions granting the president authority over election administration.

The filing seeks to reshape the narrative around Trump’s actions, framing them as a response to supposed wrongdoing rather than an unauthorized interference in the electoral process.