Biden’s Frustration with Netanyahu’s Stance on Gaza

Biden disparages Netanyahu in private but hasn’t changed U.S. policy toward Israel

President Joe Biden has expressed frustration in private conversations, including with campaign donors, over his inability to persuade Israel to change its military tactics in the Gaza Strip.

According to sources familiar with his comments, Biden has named Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the primary obstacle to achieving a ceasefire, describing Netanyahu as difficult to deal with and expressing a desire for the violence to stop.

Biden’s private discussions about Netanyahu have surprised some with their candor, with Biden reportedly referring to Netanyahu with contemptuous language and even using derogatory terms to describe him. Despite these private frustrations, a spokesperson for the National Security Council emphasized the long-standing respectful relationship between the two leaders in public and private settings.

Biden (Credits: The Times of Israel)

The escalating civilian death toll in Gaza and Netanyahu’s reluctance to pursue a long-term peace agreement have contributed to Biden’s growing frustration. Despite U.S. opposition, Israel is planning a ground assault on Rafah, prompting Biden to emphasize the need for a credible plan to protect Palestinian civilians.

Recent conversations between Biden and Netanyahu have focused on efforts to secure a long-discussed agreement between Israel and Hamas to free hostages and pause military operations.

While Biden and his administration have taken a sharper tone in criticizing Israel’s actions in Gaza, they remain cautious about making significant policy changes.

There are discussions within the administration about delaying or slowing U.S. weapons sales to Israel as leverage to influence Israeli military operations. Additionally, there are considerations for formally recognizing an independent Palestinian state. However, Biden and his aides continue to maintain strong support for Israel, believing it to be the right approach.

Some Democrats in Congress have called for conditioning U.S. aid to Israel, while others, including military veterans, have questioned Israel’s tactics, citing concerns about civilian casualties. Biden has expressed frustration with Netanyahu’s rejection of proposed deals, suggesting a desire for the conflict to end. However, Biden remains committed to supporting Israel while also seeking to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

At a recent fundraiser, Biden reiterated his support for Israel’s security while expressing frustration with Netanyahu’s recent actions. Despite these frustrations, Biden emphasized the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with Israel while working towards a resolution to the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

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