The Washington Post’s Report on Biden-Netanyahu Rift Adds to Ongoing Narrative of Tensions Amid Gaza Crisis

Biden Is Mad at Netanyahu? Spare Me.

The Washington Post recently released a report claiming a strained relationship between Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu. According to the report, President Biden and his team are closer to a rift with the Israeli Prime Minister than they’ve been since the Gaza War began.

Sources familiar with internal discussions suggest a growing frustration with Netanyahu, prompting some of Biden’s aides to advocate for more public criticism of Israel’s military operations in Gaza.

This report adds to a series of similar stories circulating since the start of Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. Various news outlets have repeatedly highlighted tensions between Biden and Netanyahu:

  • On November 9, ABC News reported a “growing daylight” between them.
  • NBC News on November 15 stated that Biden officials were increasingly at odds with Netanyahu’s government.
  • The Guardian on November 16 highlighted escalating tensions behind the scenes.
  • CNN on December 14 described “unprecedented tensions.”
  • The Hill on December 18 noted the White House growing increasingly critical.
  • The Washington Post on December 21 mentioned growing disagreements between Biden and Netanyahu.
  • The New York Times on December 31 reported a growing strain between the two countries.
  • Axios on January 14 suggested Biden’s increasing frustration with Netanyahu.
  • NBC News on January 17 referred to the Biden administration’s growing frustrations.
  • NPR on January 19 reported a deepening rift, while the AP noted signs of strain.
  • The Hill on January 24 observed new signs of strain.
  • The New York Times on February 8 reported increasingly fraught relations.
The Washington Post's Report on Biden-Netanyahu Rift Adds to Ongoing Narrative of Tensions Amid Gaza Crisis
The Washington Post’s Report on Biden-Netanyahu Rift Adds to Ongoing Narrative of Tensions Amid Gaza Crisis (Credits: The Washington Post)

These reports often rely on anonymous sources within the administration and mention private frustrations expressed by Biden. They typically emphasize escalating tensions, strained relationships, and mounting frustrations between the two leaders.

However, despite these narratives, the reality on the ground in Gaza remains unchanged. The death toll continues to rise, and Biden’s administration has continued to provide military aid to Israel.

Furthermore, Biden has blocked efforts for a permanent cease-fire at the United Nations and has refrained from publicly pressuring Israel to implement one. He has refused to place any conditions on military aid to Israel, despite issuing a presidential order on cutting aid to countries that violate international protections of civilians.

While some reports acknowledge the lack of substantive action from the Biden administration, many still emphasize the narrative of growing tensions. As Israel plans for a ground invasion of Gaza, Biden’s expressions of discontent have not translated into meaningful actions to stop the violence.

If journalists truly wish to hold Biden accountable, they must move beyond repeating the same narrative and examine the actual impact of U.S. policy on the ongoing crisis in Gaza.

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