Trump Criticizes Mazi Pilip, Urges GOP to Field ‘Authentic’ Candidate Against Tom Suozzi in November Election

Trump lashes out at Mazi Pilip, calls for ‘real’ GOP candidate to face Tom Suozzi in November election

Former President Donald Trump criticized fellow Republican Mazi Pilip, attributing her loss in Tuesday’s special election to her failure to endorse him for president.

Trump expressed his discontent on Truth Social, calling for a different candidate to contest Democrat Tom Suozzi in the upcoming November general election, after Suozzi secured victory over Pilip for New York’s 3rd Congressional District seat.

With 93% of the ballots counted on Tuesday night, Pilip, a 47-year-old Nassau County legislator, garnered 46.1% of the votes, trailing Suozzi’s 53.8%. Suozzi, aged 61, had previously represented a significant portion of the Long Island-Queens district for six years.

Trump voiced his disappointment with Pilip’s performance on his social media platform, insinuating that she might have retained Democratic affiliations. He highlighted his high success rate in primary endorsements, suggesting that Pilip’s failure to endorse him resulted in her defeat.

Mazi Pilip
Mazi Pilip (Credits: Forbes)

Trump contended that his supporters in the district abstained from voting due to Pilip’s lack of association with the MAGA movement and her failure to seek or receive his endorsement.

Emphasizing the need for a stronger contender in November, Trump criticized Suozzi, asserting that he could be easily defeated. Suozzi’s win narrows the Republicans’ House majority to 219-213.

In his victory speech, Suozzi, who portrays himself as a bridge-builder across party lines, took a swipe at Trump, urging Congress to prioritize national interests over partisan allegiance. He emphasized the necessity of finding common ground and delivering for the American people.

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