Prosecutors Allege Sen. Menendez’s Wife Received Engagement Ring as Part of Bribery Scheme in New Filing

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Nadine Menendez, the wife of New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, allegedly received a diamond engagement ring as part of a series of bribes intended to influence the senator, according to prosecutors. The bribes, totaling $150,000, were given in exchange for Senator Menendez’s intervention in a criminal insurance fraud case.

Along with the ring, part of the money was used to purchase a Mercedes-Benz convertible for Nadine Menendez. The ring was reportedly purchased by businessman Wael Hana, one of the co-defendants in the case, who also kept some of the money for himself.

Prosecutors claim that Hana orchestrated the bribes to the couple in exchange for the senator’s influence on matters benefiting himself, the Egyptian government, and others.

Sen. Menendez’s Wife (Credits: ABC7 Chicago)

A confidential source communicating with Egypt expressed concern that Hana’s actions could jeopardize their relationship with Senator Menendez, indicating that the senator was starting to listen to them.

Despite the charges, both Menendez and his wife have pleaded not guilty, as have Hana and two other co-defendants. In response to the allegations, an attorney for Hana stated that he has no comment at this time but will provide a response to the government’s motion.

Further details provided by prosecutors include the discovery of cash in the Menendez home, including two bags of approximately $100,000 found on top of a clothes hanger rack, as well as four boots filled with cash, one containing over $5,000 in $50 bills.

Prosecutors also revealed that Senator Menendez contacted New Jersey mayors in late 2020 and early 2021 to convince them to authorize a company, which was paying Nadine Menendez, to conduct COVID-19 testing.

Additionally, prosecutors highlighted a call made by Senator Menendez to his wife in January 2019 on her alternate cellphone, referred to as her “007” phone, suggesting an attempt to maintain secrecy.

The call occurred before Nadine Menendez requested briefing information about a case from Hana. Investigators found numerous text messages between Nadine Menendez and another co-defendant, with one text asking her to “make things go away,” indicating that her husband would intervene.

Prosecutors assert that there is substantial evidence that Senator Menendez was aware of the corrupt quid pro quo arrangement, despite his denial of involvement.

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