Former Biden Family Business Associate Revives Unverified Allegations Before House Panels

Credits: Vanity Fair

A former business associate of the Biden family, Tony Bobulinski, has made unproven allegations against President Joe Biden, claiming that Biden was deeply involved in his son’s overseas business deals.

Bobulinski made these claims in a closed-door House interview, where he stated that Joe Biden was not just a participant but an enabler of his family’s business, benefiting from complex schemes to maintain plausible deniability.

Bobulinski alleged that multi-million-dollar business deals involving Biden’s son and brother were possible only because Joe Biden held high office.

He specifically mentioned Biden’s alleged role in a proposed deal with a Chinese energy conglomerate. However, these claims remain uncorroborated and have been undercut by other key witnesses.

Biden (Credits: Sky News)

In response to Bobulinski’s claims, the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Jamie Raskin, criticized his credibility, stating that Bobulinski was trying to spin casual encounters with Joe Biden into substantive business meetings.

Raskin highlighted that there was no testimony indicating any criminal activity by President Biden and no evidence that Biden was involved in Hunter Biden’s businesses.

Bobulinski’s claims also face scrutiny from other Biden family business associates. Rob Walker, another business associate involved with Bobulinski and Hunter Biden, dismissed Bobulinski’s allegations as “dumbfounded” and “nonsensical.”

Walker suggested that Bobulinski’s motivations were “political” and that he was likely upset that Hunter Biden had moved on without him.

Despite Bobulinski’s claims and the attention they have received from Republicans seeking to implicate the president in his family’s foreign business dealings, federal prosecutors have not cited his materials in the tax indictment filed against Hunter Biden.

The Justice Department has accused Hunter Biden of tax evasion and other financial crimes but has not supported claims about the Biden family’s influence-peddling schemes.

In summary, Bobulinski’s allegations against President Biden remain unproven and have been met with skepticism from other key witnesses and federal prosecutors.

The claims have been used by Republicans to cast doubt on the Biden family’s business dealings but have not been substantiated by evidence.

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