House Impeaches Alejandro Mayorkas, Making Him the First Cabinet Secretary to Face Impeachment in Nearly 150 Years

Credits: KTLA

The House of Representatives narrowly voted to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, making him the first Cabinet secretary to be impeached in almost 150 years.

The impeachment follows a failed attempt by House Republicans last week and highlights the GOP’s efforts to scrutinize the Biden administration’s handling of immigration and border security.

House Republicans accuse Mayorkas of high crimes and misdemeanors related to his management of the southern border. However, several constitutional experts have stated that the evidence does not meet the high bar for impeachment. The vote was 214 to 213, with three Republicans joining Democrats against the measure.

Mayorkas (Credits: KION546)

The Department of Homeland Security criticized House Republicans for politicizing the impeachment process, stating that they will be remembered for “trampling on the Constitution” for political gain. Despite the impeachment, Mayorkas and the department remain committed to ensuring national security.

The failed impeachment vote last week was a blow to House Republicans, who have struggled to govern effectively amid internal divisions. Some Republicans voiced frustration with their party’s leadership and questioned their decision-making.

While the impeachment is unlikely to lead to charges in the Democratic-controlled Senate, it reflects ongoing tensions between parties over immigration policy. Mayorkas defended his record in public service, emphasizing the need for bipartisan solutions to address the challenges at the border.

Democrats criticized the GOP’s impeachment effort as a “sham” and accused them of using it to appease former President Donald Trump.

Despite bipartisan efforts in the Senate to find solutions at the border, House Republicans have rejected legislative solutions, contributing to the failure of a bipartisan deal.

The impeachment inquiry, led by the Homeland Security Committee, has been criticized by Democrats for its unilateral approach and lack of opportunity for Mayorkas to testify. Republicans have defended their efforts, citing concerns over border security and the need for accountability.