House Majority Leader Steve Scalise Stands by Republican Initiative to Impeach DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

Credits: Axios

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise’s defense of Speaker Mike Johnson’s decision to proceed with last week’s failed impeachment vote against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was articulated in a recent interview with CNN.

Scalise characterized the vote as a “tough judgement call,” suggesting it played a strategic role in solidifying Republican support on the issue. He explained that some members were wavering, and the vote was intended to lock in their commitment.

Scalise, who missed the initial vote due to undergoing stem cell treatment for blood cancer, returned to Washington and is expected to be the decisive vote in the upcoming impeachment attempt.

Steve Scalise, House Majority Leader (Credits: CNN)

The vote, occurring concurrently with a special election in New York to replace expelled former Republican Rep. George Santos, carries significant implications for the GOP’s House majority.

Scalise, however, sought to manage expectations, acknowledging the district’s Democratic leanings and the challenge of securing a victory for Republican candidate Mazi Pilip against former Democratic Rep. Tom Suozzi, particularly in a district that President Joe Biden carried in 2020.

Scalise also expressed support for Speaker Johnson’s decision not to consider the Senate’s $95.3 billion foreign aid bill, which passed 70-29.

He insisted that any such package must include provisions for border security, a stance consistent with House Republicans’ rejection of a border compromise proposed by the Senate earlier this month. Scalise emphasized that the Senate deal did not incorporate key policies from the Republican immigration bill that was passed by the House in the previous year.

On the topic of former President Donald Trump’s recent comments regarding NATO and a symbolic resolution from GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz and others asserting that Trump did not incite an insurrection or rebellion on January 6, Scalise declined to offer a direct opinion, stating that such matters would undergo the committee process.

Scalise also highlighted ongoing efforts within the GOP to collect testimony as part of an impeachment inquiry into President Biden.

He stressed the importance of securing America’s border, particularly in light of the situation in Ukraine, criticizing President Biden for not engaging in the debate with the House Republican majority.

In discussing his recovery from stem cell treatment, Scalise expressed satisfaction, stating that while being out for six weeks was challenging, he feels great to be back in Washington.

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