On Monday, Blinken Spoke with Detained American Paul Whelan

Credits: CNN

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken engaged in a call with Paul Whelan, an American detained in Russia for over five years, as part of ongoing efforts to secure his release.

Blinken emphasized the commitment to bring Whelan and others wrongfully detained home, reaffirming that their release is a top priority for both himself and President Biden.

State Department spokesperson Matt Miller reiterated the US government’s unwavering support for Whelan, emphasizing that efforts to secure his release continue daily. Blinken’s recent call marks at least the third time he has spoken with Whelan, highlighting the ongoing commitment to his case.

Paul Whelan (Credits: Yahoo News)

Whelan, who has been declared wrongfully detained by the US State Department, has consistently urged the Biden administration to prioritize his release, expressing frustration at being left behind in previous prisoner swaps with Russia.

Despite the US government’s efforts and offers made to secure Whelan’s release, including engagement in negotiations, progress has been elusive.

Whelan has expressed both confidence in the US government’s actions on his behalf and frustration at the lack of tangible results. He has called on President Biden to use all available resources to secure his release, emphasizing the urgency of his situation.

The State Department’s efforts to secure Whelan’s release are part of a broader diplomatic strategy aimed at addressing cases of wrongful detention. The US remains committed to using all available means to bring Whelan and others home, emphasizing the importance of their freedom and well-being.

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