Another Insurrection-Related Appeal Reaches SCOTUS Prior to Trump’s Verdict

Another insurrection appeal hits SCOTUS ahead of Trump ruling

As the Supreme Court deliberates on whether and how to address Donald Trump’s presence on the ballot, another significant case related to the insurrection of January 6th is making its way to the justices.

Scheduled for discussion during a private conference on Friday is a petition from Couy Griffin, a former county commissioner from New Mexico, who was convicted in connection with the events of January 6th.

A state judge ruled that Griffin, who co-founded Cowboys for Trump, should be removed from office and barred from holding any future positions.

According to NBC News, Griffin’s appeal shares common ground with Trump’s pending case, although it is important to note that Griffin’s appeal is distinct from the historical “Griffin’s case” of 1869, which was discussed during last week’s oral arguments in Trump v. Anderson.

Trump (Credits: MSNBC News)

One of the key issues Griffin is bringing to the attention of the justices is whether courts possess the authority to address challenges under the 14th Amendment without specific congressional legislation.

This concern echoes discussions raised during Trump’s hearing, though the justices appeared more focused on matters concerning federal offices and the presidency, which may not directly benefit Griffin.

While the resolution of Trump’s case does not obligate the justices to address Griffin’s, they may choose to do so. However, there might be hesitance to delve further into the issue beyond the current scope, and the court could opt to postpone a decision on Griffin’s petition until after resolving Trump’s case.

Nevertheless, as the justices meticulously deliberate on Trump’s eligibility, Griffin’s petition serves as a reminder that the issue of eligibility extends beyond the former president and could persist depending on the outcome of Trump v. Anderson.