The Atlantic Urges Democrats to Swiftly Select a Replacement for Biden

The Atlantic: Democrats Should Pick a Replacement for Biden ASAP

Despite Special Counsel Robert Hur’s recommendation of no criminal charges against President Joe Biden for retaining classified documents in his Delaware home, the president and his supporters are deeply perturbed by Hur’s insinuation that Biden may not be mentally fit to stand trial.

They’ve since been vigorously asserting Biden’s mental acuity behind closed doors. Hur’s assessment painted Biden as an elderly man with a faulty memory, a characterization that aligns with the perception held by a significant portion of the American public.

However, this portrayal clashes with the notion of Biden as a well-meaning figure, especially when considering the seriousness of retaining classified documents in one’s garage.

Biden (Credits: NBC News)

National Review, known for its staunch anti-Trump stance, is advocating for Democrats to seek an alternative to Biden on the 2024 ticket, fearing a potential reelection of Donald Trump. This sentiment is echoed by The Atlantic, which argues that Biden’s reluctance to step aside and allow the DNC to replace him is driven by his ego, to the detriment of the country’s interests in thwarting Trump’s return.

Writer Damon Linker emphasizes the Democratic Party’s predicament heading into the 2024 election with a nominee who might struggle to defeat Trump. Biden’s approval ratings remain stagnant at 39 percent, with concerns about his mental and physical fitness for a second term prevalent among Americans, including Democrats. Hur’s recent comments only exacerbate these worries.

The blame for this situation largely falls on Biden himself. Despite initially hinting at serving only one term in 2019, his decision to seek reelection is seen as understandable on a personal level but indefensible politically.

Denial of decline and the reluctance to relinquish responsibilities are common among aging individuals, often fueled by pride and impaired judgment. Linker suggests that close family members, including Dr. Jill Biden, may also play a role in perpetuating this self-deception.

Critics argue that the focus should be on running popular and charismatic candidates rather than trying to defend an increasingly unpopular nominee. They assert that Biden, once suited to the task of defeating Trump, may no longer be the best choice for the job. The urgency to address this situation is stressed before it becomes irreparable.

There’s a sense of irony in the criticism, with some pointing out the contrast between efforts to replace Kamala Harris with Pete Buttigieg and the current situation with Biden. Accusations of narcissism and comparisons to Trump’s personality traits are thrown into the discourse, with detractors questioning Biden’s ability to defeat Trump again, especially amid concerns about his cognitive health.

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