Jim Jordan Seeks Materials and Interview from Biden’s Ghostwriter

Credits: Dayton Daily News

House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan has sent a letter to President Joe Biden’s ghostwriter, Mark Zwonitzer, seeking information and an interview after special counsel Robert Hur reported that Biden shared classified information in 2017.

Jordan has requested audio recordings of any interviews or conversations with Biden for his memoirs, “Promise Me, Dad” and “Promises to Keep,” along with all related documents, communications, and contracts shared with the special counsel. Jordan wants the materials by February 23 and has asked Zwonitzer to appear for a transcribed interview.

Hur’s report revealed that in 2017, after leaving the vice president’s office, Biden told his ghostwriter about finding classified documents in his home.

Jim Jordan (Credits: National Review)

The investigation suggested these were classified documents about the Afghanistan troop surge in 2009, later found in Biden’s Delaware garage. While Hur considered the “best case for charges” to be Biden possessing classified documents in 2017, he did not present any charges.

In response, Jordan’s letter requests materials and information from Zwonitzer in light of Hur’s investigation. The report mentioned several defenses that could create reasonable doubt, such as Biden potentially finding the documents and forgetting about them.

The report also noted Biden’s limited memory during interviews in 2017 and 2023 and suggested cooperation with the investigation could be viewed as an innocent mistake.

Hur mentioned that Biden’s conversations with his ghostwriter in 2017 were slow, with Biden struggling to remember events. Prosecutors did not charge Zwonitzer with obstruction of justice despite him deleting audio recordings, as the FBI mostly recovered the deleted files after Zwonitzer turned over his computer and external hard drive.

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