Biden Temporarily Shields Palestinians in the U.S. from Deportation Amid Overseas Conflict

Credits: ETV Bharat

President Joe Biden has issued a new memo granting temporary protection from deportation to Palestinians in the United States amid the ongoing conflict overseas. The decision comes as the White House faces significant pressure from the Arab-American community regarding the situation in Gaza.

Last year, Democrats urged Biden to extend temporary protections to Palestinians in the US, arguing that individuals already in the country should not be compelled to return to the Palestinian territories, aligning with President Biden’s commitment to safeguarding Palestinian civilians.

Under the president’s authority, deferred enforced departure has been authorized, offering protection from removal from the US for a specified period. Those eligible also have the opportunity to obtain work permits.

Joe Biden (Credits: Reuters)

“In response to the ongoing conflict and humanitarian needs, President Biden has issued a memorandum directing the deferral of removal for certain Palestinians present in the United States, providing them with temporary sanctuary,” stated White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan on Wednesday.

“Specifically, President Biden has granted deferred enforced departure for 18 months to Palestinians currently residing in the United States,” the statement elaborated.

It’s important to note that individuals convicted of felonies or posing a public safety risk are not eligible for deferred enforced departure.

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