Russia’s Putin States Preference for ‘More Predictable’ Biden Over Trump in U.S. Election

Credits: CNN

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that he prefers Joe Biden to be the next U.S. president over Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, citing Biden’s experience and predictability. Putin expressed his willingness to work with any U.S. leader elected by the American people.

The comments followed a week of international controversy over Trump’s NATO remarks and tensions within the U.S. over a $95 billion aid package, which includes military assistance to Ukraine.

In an interview, Putin highlighted Biden’s experience and predictability, characterizing him as an “old school” politician. He emphasized that Russia would work with any U.S. leader chosen by the American people. Putin’s remarks come amid growing scrutiny of Trump’s relationship with the Kremlin during his presidency.

Putin (Credits: Reuters)

The Kremlin head of state, set to stand in his own election on March 15-17, is expected to secure another presidential mandate after leading Russia since 1999.

While Putin expressed preference for Biden, he also underscored ongoing disagreements with the Biden administration’s approach, describing it as “most harmful and erroneous.”

Addressing concerns over Biden’s mental acuity, Putin dismissed reports of cognitive issues, citing their meeting in Geneva in 2021.

He noted that he had observed no signs of incapacity from Biden during the encounter. Despite Putin’s apparent favorability towards Biden, he emphasized differences in political approaches.

The comments made by Putin are noteworthy, given the historical questions surrounding the relationship between Trump and the Russian president.

Trump faced scrutiny during a special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, repeatedly denying claims of influence from the Kremlin.

Trump’s recent remarks at a campaign rally in South Carolina, where he suggested encouraging Russia to act freely with NATO members not meeting defense spending commitments, drew international criticism.

Biden characterized Trump’s comments as “dumb,” “shameful,” “dangerous,” and “un-American,” highlighting a perceived connection between the former U.S. president and the Russian leader.

The broader Republican party’s support for Ukraine faces a test with the $95 billion aid package, which must gain approval from the Republican-led House of Representatives after passing in the Democrat-led U.S. Senate.

The aid package includes assistance for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan and has become a focal point of political debate within the U.S.