Twelve Women Sue FBI Alleging Failure to Protect Them from Jeffrey Epstein’s Se*xual Abuse

Credits: The Intercept

A lawsuit was filed on Wednesday by 12 alleged victims, against the United States, in the Southern District of New York, claiming that the FBI’s repeated failures, delays, and inaction allowed Jeffrey Epstein to operate his s*x trafficking scheme for over two decades.

The lawsuit argues that the FBI’s negligence facilitated the ongoing s*xual abuse of the 12 victims, who remain unnamed in the legal action.

In the filed suit, the victims assert that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) permitted Epstein to s*x traffic and s*xually abuse numerous children and young women for more than 20 years. The lawsuit contends that the FBI failed to fulfill its duty, as expected by the American people, and neglected to adhere to its own rules and regulations.

FBI (Credits: The Marshall Project)

The victims allege that the FBI did not properly investigate the reports, tips, and evidence of widespread s*xual abuse and s*x trafficking by Epstein, thereby leaving young women and children vulnerable to victimization.

The legal action seeks unspecified damages, with the exact amount to be determined during the trial. The lawsuit also expresses the victims’ support for the unredacted release of FBI documents related to Epstein, asserting that the current files are largely sealed.

In a written statement, Jennifer Plotkin and Nathan Werksman, attorneys representing the Jane Does (the unnamed victims), emphasized that filing this lawsuit is the initial step in uncovering the FBI’s alleged negligence.

They stated that recent revelations indicate the FBI’s failure to act on clear evidence of Epstein operating a vast s*x abuse and trafficking ring, resulting in significant harm to their clients.

Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted pedophile, passed away in jail before facing federal s*x-trafficking charges. When approached for a response, the FBI declined to comment on ongoing litigation. CNN has reached out to the Department of Justice for their comments on the matter.

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