Trump’s Harshness Appeals to the Darkest Aspects of Human Nature, Intentionally So for His MAGA Supporters

Credits: Rolling Stone

Crafting rules that deter individuals from undesirable behavior often appears futile when considering that human nature tends to lean toward the contrary.

The universal principle embedded in various religious teachings, often articulated as the Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” serves as an acknowledgment of this inherent contradiction in human behavior.

This contradiction is particularly pronounced when it comes to the concept of suffering. While individuals naturally recoil from the idea of being subjected to suffering, a peculiar inclination arises to find pleasure in the misfortunes of others.

Donald Trump (Credits: Britannica)

The German language encapsulates this phenomenon with the term “schadenfreude.” Admit it or not, there’s a certain thrill derived from witnessing a rival’s downfall or the exposure of a self-righteous hypocrite.

This tendency plays a crucial role in solidifying our group identities. Whether in the context of sports teams or political affiliations, our brain’s reward centers light up both when our group succeeds and when the opposing group stumbles.

In the pursuit of our group’s success, way of life, or values, we sometimes justify acts of cruelty toward those we perceive as threats. Unfortunately, contemporary political discourse has elevated this inherent human weakness to the status of a virtue, celebrating the infliction of pain on one another.

The notoriety of former President Donald Trump in relishing the ridiculing of political adversaries and those who cross his path is not a recent revelation.

Employing derisive nicknames, mockery, insulting physical descriptions, and baseless accusations, Trump has elevated transgression to an art form. What is perhaps more perplexing is the continued allure of millions of Americans to Trump’s displays of cruelty.

His rallies witness attendees laughing and cheering at the expense of not only political adversaries but also ethnic groups, disabled individuals, undocumented immigrants, and women who speak out against abuse. Conservative media outlets eagerly replay these instances, perpetuating a cycle of divisive discourse rooted in cruelty.

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