Joe Biden Reveals How He Married Jill: ‘I Asked Her Five Times’

Credits: Parade

A heartwarming video featuring US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden sharing their love story has become viral on the internet.

The video, posted on Instagram by ‘Meet Cutes NYC’ on Valentine’s Day, reveals the story of how the US’s first couple met and fell in love.

According to the video, Joe Biden’s brother set them up on a blind date. Joe Biden recalls his brother telling him about Jill, saying, “I go to school with this woman. You will love her, she is beautiful, and she doesn’t like politics.”

Joe Biden and Jill (Credits: POPSUGAR UK)

Jill recalls receiving a call from Joe Biden on a Saturday afternoon. “He called me and said, you know this is Joe Biden, and I said how did you get my number? He then said, would you like to go out tonight?

I said, I am sorry, I already have a date. He said, well, would you break it? I am only in for one night, so I said, well, call me back in two hours, and I will see what I can do.”

Joe Biden humorously adds, “She broke the date, but didn’t break my heart,” while resting his hand on his wife’s shoulder.

After their second date, Joe Biden knew he wanted to marry Jill. However, Jill revealed that Joe asked her to marry him five times before she finally agreed.

Jill reflected on the commitment of marriage, saying, “You have to remember. I mean, it wasn’t just my heart that was on the line with Beau and Hunter.

I knew that if we were going to get married, it had to work. It had to be forever because they had already lost their mother and sister in a car accident, and I knew that they couldn’t lose someone else in their life.

So here we are, it is forever, it is 48 years later.” The video showcases the enduring love and commitment between Joe and Jill Biden, touching the hearts of many viewers.