CNN Anchor Challenged by GOP Lawmaker on Border Crisis: ‘Spare Us the Gaslighting’

Credits: YouTube

During a CNN interview, Rep. Mike Lawler (R-N.Y.) challenged anchor Kaitlan Collins’s attempt to link Democrat Tom Suozzi’s victory in a New York special election to Republican issues like immigration and the border crisis. Lawler accused Collins of “gaslighting” and argued that the border crisis is a problem created by Democrats.

Lawler pointed out that House Republicans have passed legislation to address the border crisis, but every House Democrat voted against it. He emphasized that the bill included policies from the Trump era, which he claimed were effective in reducing border crossings.

Lawler criticized President Biden for reversing these policies, leading to a surge in border crossings and creating what he described as a “catastrophe.”

CNN Reports (Credits: The Hill)

Despite Collins’s attempt to shift the conversation towards gossip about George Santos, Lawler remained focused on the issue of the border crisis and the Democrats’ role in it.

Lawler’s comments reflect a broader narrative within the Republican Party that blames Democrats for the current state of the border. Republicans argue that the Biden administration’s policies have incentivized illegal immigration and contributed to the crisis at the southern border.

Collins’s line of questioning, on the other hand, suggests an attempt to frame Suozzi’s victory as a referendum on Republican immigration policies. By highlighting Suozzi’s win, Collins may have been trying to suggest that voters reject the GOP’s approach to immigration and border security.

Overall, the exchange between Lawler and Collins underscores the deep partisan divide on immigration policy and the border crisis.

Republicans and Democrats continue to clash over how best to address these issues, with both sides accusing the other of failing to effectively manage the situation.