Trump’s Legal Maneuvers: Crafting New Defenses Amidst Hush-Money Trial

Trump Tries Deranged Defense in Stormy Daniels Hush-Money Trial

Trump is employing various legal defenses in his efforts to navigate his legal challenges, including crafting entirely new ones.

During a press interaction on Thursday outside the courtroom where he is facing hush-money trial charges, Trump presented a fresh defense strategy: asserting that even if he were found guilty, he contends he didn’t commit a crime, or at least shouldn’t face repercussions for any alleged wrongdoing.

Declaring his reluctance to be present in a courthouse, the former president expressed his discontent over his attendance at his inaugural criminal court case.

Trump (Credits: CNBC)

In addressing reporters outside the courthouse, Trump referred to himself in the third person, stating, “Even if he was guilty of something, there is no crime.” The precise meaning of Trump’s statement remains ambiguous, but it appears he is improvising his argument on the spot.

Trump faces accusations of 34 felony charges related to falsifying business records concerning payments made to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal in exchange for their silence leading up to the 2016 election—a clear violation of the law.

Despite Trump’s desire for postponements, Judge Juan Manuel Merchan ruled during the hearing on Thursday that the trial will commence as scheduled on March 25.

Meanwhile, with the South Carolina Republican primary looming less than 10 days away, Trump finds himself grappling with the logistical challenge of balancing his court appearances with campaign engagements.

The question arises: How feasible is it to pursue an election bid while being tied up in a Manhattan courthouse throughout the day? It’s a question many are pondering.

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