Utah School Board Member Censured for Social Media Post Questioning Girl’s Gender

Credits: KUER

Utah’s State Legislature has voted to censure a state board of education member, Natalie Cline, for a social media post that falsely implied a high school girl was transgender.

Cline, a member of the Utah State Board of Education since 2020, posted a photo of the high school basketball player with the caption “Girls’ basketball…” The post led to threats against the student, prompting condemnation from state officials.

The Utah State Board of Education approved a resolution to censure Cline, removing her from committee assignments and asking for her resignation.

Utah School Board Members (Credits: KSL TV)

The Legislature also passed a censure resolution, citing Cline’s actions as “bullying” and undermining the board’s mission. Governor Spencer Cox signed the resolution, stating that Cline’s behavior was unacceptable and caused emotional harm to the student.

In response to the controversy, the parents of the high school girl called for Cline’s resignation, emphasizing that their daughter’s appearance should not dictate her participation in sports. Cline issued a public apology but also asserted her free speech rights, stating that she never claimed the student was a boy.

Cline’s actions come amid a broader context of anti-LGBTQ legislation, including a ban on transgender girls competing in high school sports, enacted by the Utah legislature in 2022. Governor Cox initially vetoed the bill but was overridden by GOP lawmakers.


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