A Student is Facing Attempted Murder Charges in an Alleged Plot to Carry Out a School Shooting, Which Was Thwarted after a Classmate Raised Concerns

Credits: KARE 11

A California high school student, Sebastian Villasenor, was arrested and faces attempted murder charges for allegedly planning a shooting on campus. The plot was uncovered after a classmate raised concerns about Villasenor’s fixation on school shootings and access to weapons.

Authorities found seven rifles, two revolvers, a handgun, and a shotgun, along with over 1,000 rounds of ammunition at Villasenor’s home.

He had five intended victims, all girls, and was considering a sixth. Villasenor researched tactical supplies and was in the process of choosing a specific date for the attack.

Charged with attempted criminal threats and five counts of attempted murder, Villasenor pleaded not guilty. He is held without bail and is scheduled to appear in court on February 20. The investigation began when a student reported concerns to school officials, prompting the police to act.

Student Charged for Murder (Credits: CNN)

Villasenor, who had difficulties forming relationships, was planning the shooting around April 20, the 25th anniversary of the Columbine shooting, which he was obsessed with.

The news conference coincided with the sixth anniversary of the Parkland High School shooting, underscoring the ongoing issue of campus violence in the US.

Prosecutors are grappling with accountability in school shootings, such as Jennifer Crumbley’s recent conviction for involuntary manslaughter after her son carried out a shooting in Michigan. The case highlights the need for vigilance and intervention to prevent such tragedies.