Nine Los Angeles Firefighters Were Injured in an Explosion Involving a Semi-truck

London Fire Brigade (Credits: 90210FireBuff/YouTube)

Nine Los Angeles city firefighters were injured in a semi-truck explosion, with two in critical condition, officials said Thursday.

The truck, fueled by compressed natural gas, had one of its 100-gallon tanks explode as firefighters battled a fire. Despite the fire being contained, the situation is still active, but there is no longer a threat to the community.

The explosion caused a ball of flames that reached the height of nearby utility poles and even exploded a transformer.

Of the nine injured firefighters initially taken to Harbor UCLA Medical Center, two are in critical condition and the other seven are being treated for moderate to minor injuries. One of the critically injured has been airlifted to another hospital for further treatment.

Firefighters Truck Explosion (Credits: Los Angeles Magazine)

Trauma surgeon Dr. Molly Deane noted the firefighters were evaluated for burn, blast, and airway inhalation injuries, expressing surprise that none were more severely hurt given the intensity of the explosion. Some firefighters on top of a truck were blown back, indicating multiple mechanisms of injury.

Fire Chief Kristin Crowley praised the firefighters’ heroism, emphasizing their daily commitment to serving the community.

Hazardous material specialists are monitoring air quality, and additional firefighters will work to fully extinguish the fire as the gas dissipates. The incident occurred in an industrial part of Wilmington, near the Port of Los Angeles.

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