Special Counsel’s Remarks on Biden’s Age Won’t Alter Campaign, Aide Asserts

Credits: VOA

Special counsel Robert Hur’s report, which recommended against charging President Joe Biden due to concerns about his memory, has stirred anger among Democrats and sparked debate within the party about how to address issues regarding Biden’s age and fitness for office, which polls indicate are of concern to many voters.

Hur’s report, released after an investigation into Biden’s handling of classified information, criticized the president’s memory and portrayed him as having “diminished faculties.” Biden has strongly disputed these claims, calling them unfair.

Despite Biden’s pushback, some Democrats fear that Hur’s characterization could reinforce existing doubts about the president’s ability to serve effectively. A recent poll showed a decline in the percentage of Americans who believe Biden has the mental sharpness for the job.

Biden (Credits: WesternSlopeNow.com)

While Biden’s campaign has sought to downplay concerns about his age and memory, some Democrats believe the campaign should address these issues more directly. They argue that highlighting Biden’s experience and legislative accomplishments could help counter Republican attacks on his age.

However, concerns about Biden’s fitness for office persist, with some Democrats criticizing Hur’s report as politically motivated. They point to Hur’s appointment by former President Donald Trump and suggest that the report was intended to smear Biden.

As the election cycle heats up, both Biden and Trump face challenges regarding their fitness for office. While Trump edges out Biden in polls on this issue, some Democrats believe that highlighting Trump’s legal troubles and advanced age could help Biden’s campaign appeal to voters who are concerned about both candidates’ fitness for office.

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