NATO Chief Welcomes EU Council’s Approval of New Aid Package for Ukraine, Awaits US to ‘Follow Suit’

Credits: Global Times

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed the European Council’s approval of a new aid package for Ukraine, emphasizing its importance and urging the US to follow suit.

Speaking at a news conference with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen during the Munich Security Conference, Stoltenberg highlighted the significance of the aid package for Ukraine’s security and stability.

Stoltenberg called on NATO allies to continue providing Ukraine with weapons and ammunition, stressing the need for a sustained effort to ensure lasting peace in the region. He emphasized the importance of expanding the transatlantic industrial base to increase deliveries to Ukraine and replenish NATO’s own stocks.

NATO Chief (Credits: Reuters)

Stoltenberg also called for a shift from slow peacetime production to a higher tempo of conflict, enabling the production of more weapons and ammunition at a faster pace.

The NATO Secretary-General noted that this action would benefit Ukraine, strengthen NATO, and create additional high-skilled manufacturing opportunities, particularly in Bavaria, where a new facility will be responsible for constructing Patriot missiles.

He described this as another example of European and North American cooperation for shared security interests. Stoltenberg reassured that there is currently no imminent military threat against any NATO member but emphasized the need for readiness to protect all allies.

He highlighted an 11% increase in defense spending among European allies and Canada last year, emphasizing the importance of meeting the goal of spending 2% of GDP on defense, a commitment shared by 18 NATO allies.

“A strong NATO is good for Europe and for North America. Together, we represent half of the world’s economic and military might, and together, we deter conflict and preserve peace,” Stoltenberg said.

He welcomed Germany’s commitment to maintaining a permanently stationed brigade, describing it as a significant contribution to NATO’s deterrence and defense capabilities.

In conclusion, Stoltenberg stressed the importance of continued cooperation and solidarity within NATO, highlighting the organization’s role in ensuring security and stability in Europe and North America.

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