Larry Hogan’s Poll Numbers Strong Despite Stating He Doesn’t Want Senate Seat

Credits: Governor Larry Hogan/YouTube

Republican former governor Larry Hogan, despite expressing a lack of “burning desire” to be a US senator and suggesting the role is not where his skill set lies, is tied with or leading his potential Democratic opponents in Maryland, according to a recent poll.

The Emerson College, the Hill, and DC News Now poll shows Hogan leading Angela Alsobrooks, a state politician, by seven points and tied at 42% with US congressman David Trone in a hypothetical matchup.

Hogan, who served as governor from 2015 to 2023, left office as a popular moderate Republican in a predominantly Democratic state. Despite initially opposing Donald Trump’s influence in the party and indicating he did not want to succeed Democrat Ben Cardin in the Senate after Cardin retires next year, Hogan announced his Senate run last week.

Larry Hogan (Credits: WTOP)

In a recent interview with CNN, Hogan reiterated his reservations about the role, citing Washington’s divisiveness and dysfunction. He stated that his decision to run was driven by a desire to be a voice for change rather than a personal ambition to be a senator.

The poll highlighted Hogan’s broad appeal, particularly among independents, where he garnered 48% support, and his ability to attract nearly a quarter of Democratic voters in a matchup against Trone.

Hogan’s candidacy has drawn attention from Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate minority leader, who sees Hogan as a valuable asset in the party’s bid to take control of the chamber in November.

Despite his appeal to a wide range of voters, Hogan’s record on issues like abortion has faced scrutiny. While he described himself as a moderate on the issue and expressed support for the right to choose, his stance has drawn criticism from Democrats, including his successor as governor, Wes Moore, who emphasized the importance of protecting women’s reproductive rights.

Hogan remains focused on his commitment to stand up against broken politics in Washington, emphasizing his independence from Trump and his dedication to representing the people of Maryland.

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