Trump Claims Mixing Haley with Pelosi and Biden with Obama Was a Tactic, Not a Gaffe

Credits: NY Post

Donald Trump claimed that his high-profile campaign trail gaffes, where he appeared to mistake Barack Obama for the current president and confused Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi, were intentional.

Speaking to supporters in North Charleston, South Carolina, Trump said that his statements were sarcastic and that he purposely interposed names to deride Haley and link Biden with Obama.

Trump explained that when he said “Barack Hussein Obama is the president of the United States,” he was being sarcastic to emphasize what he sees as Obama’s control over Biden, whom Trump believes struggles to articulate coherent thoughts.

Trump (Credits: The New Yorker)

Trump also referenced Rush Limbaugh, the late right-wing radio host, who often emphasized Obama’s middle name, Hussein, as part of a racist and Islamophobic narrative questioning Obama’s birthplace and qualifications to be president.

Regarding his confusion between Haley and Pelosi, Trump claimed that he purposely interposed names because he is not a fan of either. He suggested that critics misinterpreted his statements, accusing him of not knowing the difference between the two, when in fact, he was using it as a rhetorical device.

Despite facing numerous legal challenges and speculation about his mental state, Trump remains a dominant figure in the Republican primaries. He has won key states like Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada, and continues to lead in polling against Haley in South Carolina, her home state.

Trump’s comments reflect his ongoing effort to maintain influence within the Republican Party and position himself as a key figure in the 2024 presidential race, despite his controversial statements and legal troubles.

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