Vice President Harris Details U.S. Global Security Vision and Priorities in Key Address at Munich Security Conference

Vice President, Kamala Harris (Credits: KXAN)

Vice President Kamala Harris delivered a speech at the Munich Security Conference outlining the Biden-Harris Administration’s global leadership agenda and contrasting it with previous approaches. According to White House officials, Harris focused on four major themes in her address to the international community:

Globally Engaged vs. Isolationist: Harris highlighted the administration’s commitment to international engagement over isolationism, emphasizing the importance of active participation in global affairs.

International Rules and Norms vs. Chaos: Harris emphasized the administration’s commitment to upholding international rules and norms, contrasting this with promoting chaos and unpredictability in international relations.

Harris (Credits: KXAN)

Democratic Values vs. Authoritarianism: Harris reaffirmed the administration’s commitment to promoting democratic values and human rights, contrasting this with the rise of authoritarianism in various parts of the world.

Collective Action vs. Unilateralism: Harris advocated for collaborative efforts and partnerships among nations, highlighting the importance of collective action in addressing global challenges over unilateral decision-making.

The Vice President denounced isolationism, authoritarianism, and unilateralism as detrimental to America’s strength and safety, arguing that upholding global leadership enhances American prosperity and security.

She emphasized the significance of alliances, highlighting the benefits of sustained partnerships and the adverse effects of turning away from allies.

Expressing confidence in the American people’s support, Harris asserted that the administration’s approach aligns with the interests and values of the nation. She elaborated on two policy areas as examples of effective strategy:

Supporting Ukraine: Harris showcased global efforts, led by the U.S., in aiding Ukraine’s defense and preserving its democracy, highlighting the importance of standing with Ukraine in the face of aggression.

Ensuring a Strong NATO: Harris reinforced the administration’s commitment to NATO and its role in deterring aggression and safeguarding American interests, emphasizing the importance of a united front among NATO allies.

Overall, Vice President Harris’s speech at the Munich Security Conference underscored the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to global leadership, democratic values, and collective action in addressing global challenges.